Friday, April 17, 2015


Maybe if I write about it, I can break out of it. What, you ask? This funk. What kind of funk, you ask? Well - at the risk of sounding like I am living in a hoarder home, which I am not even remotely close to....I feel horrible about the fact that I haven't really lifted a finger to clean this house since the snowiest winter on record began.

It was easy to make excuses when I had to move snow every ten minutes but now, I find myself procrastinating daily.

I do have a long weekend, and plan to make Sunday and Monday cleaning days - but I really need to follow through.

I am planning to bring in contractors soon, I need to redo the main bathroom in the house and I need to have some repair work done in the master bath.

It's all going to happen...yep!

Check back soon.

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