Saturday, May 16, 2015

Not in a Rush

I drove to get gas and while I wasn't in a Rush, it seemed that fate had determined I was (see receipt at the right).

I've been snatching up concert tickets, it seems the theme of the summer is "see a concert, see another".

I've always loved going to concerts, my kid has heard all about many of my concert going adventures from years past and this year, I will be taking her to see a few.

One of the shows I have been attempting to get affordable tickets for is the band Rush. Rush is out on their 40th anniversary tour and it's commonly speculated it will be their last tour - and I have never seen them live.

BTW, for those of you really confused about the receipt, one of Rush's classic records is called 2112.

Thus far, between now and the end of July, I have tickets for 8 concerts; should be a blast.

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