Monday, May 04, 2015

Sad Men

If you dig deep enough on this blog, you may find me praising the show Mad Men at some point earlier in its run. Today, with just two episodes left in the series, I can only tell you how much I can't wait for it to be over already.

I still think that some of the attention to detail with regard to set design, costume and general ambiance are and have always been on point, I think the quality of the writing had devolved almost to the point of being bad. The one thing the show has going for it is the quality of the characters, part of that credit of course has to go to the writing but most of it, in my opinion, goes to the actors who are all, and I mean all, just really good at their craft.

Having seen every episode, I will watch the last two and pray that there are some moments that make it worth the time but overall, the series for me goes in the what could have been pile, I just feel that over the last few seasons so much more has been bad than good.

I'm going to call the Burt dancing around the office after he died the official jump the shark moment but it may have actually been a little before that. I do look forward to seeing what the primary cast members do next. January Jones is currently in a fantastic sitcom called "Last Man on Earth" and she's very good in it.

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