Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Six it Yourself

At Wegman's,they have "create your own 6 pack" selection of craft beer's and ciders. While it's a couple of bucks more expensive than a standard 6-pack, it does give you a great opportunity to try things one bottle at a time, so that if you don't like it, you don't have to toss whole six of it.

Last time I was there, I though after seeing it for so long, I was going to treat myself; here's what I included in mine:

I didn't have my first "shandy" (not to be confused with the Yiddish "shanda") until last summer - and I liked it. Last year, I tried the grapefruit shandy by UFO called "Big Squeeze" and like it. I also tried a nice lemon shandy by Leinenkugel's and when I saw they made a grapefruit shandy, I thought I had to give it a shot.

Only recently got into the ciders, this was something that seemed quite unique, a blackberry pear cider from Crispin. This might be the one I am most looking forward to trying.

This is the only one of the six I have tried before, first on tap and then in a bottle (I will always choose the tap before a bottle when given that choice). I picked this in the six because I don't see it often and wanted to have one - it's good!

From the brewers of Grey Lady, this is a summer offering by the Nantucket, MA based cisco brewers.

The minute I saw this I began singing "Edge of Seventeen" in my head ("just like the white wing dove..."). I've like Belgian whites in the past and this had a cool label!

A cider, or as they say, cidre, from Stella...had to try.

That's my six. I haven't had any of them yet, this will last me a while....I'll try to remember to let you know what I think.
BONUS: Here is a cider that I first tried on tap at the British Beer Company in Framingham and LOVED LOVED LOVED. In fact, I turned others onto it as well...turns out Wegman;s had it in six packs, so I bought one:

Please try this, it's great!

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