Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Speaking my Mind

Yes, sometimes I say things that some might find offensive, but not all of them are meant to offend. I use strong language and harsh words sometimes, intentionally. Some may find some of the things I say in poor the end, I say what I feel, I will make jokes that are inappropriate sometimes, but if I think they are funny, more often than not an I going to lob them out there and let caution ride the wind.

I've had my first amendment rights violated - no, I am not looking for pity or trying to sound like I was held captive or imprisoned, but I was suspended from work without pay for saying something on my own time in my own space - now as far as I know, as an American citizen, I have that right regardless of what was said and and who I might have said it about.

After going through that experience, I vowed that I will continue to say whatever I want, whenever I want and I really don't care what anyone else thinks. That doesn't mean I ever planned to just go around and say ridiculous shit willy nilly. However, if I am expressing an opinion on a topic, asked a question about something or see an opportunity to make a silly joke, I am going to do it - and you may not like it, that is the same way that I respect your right to do the same, whether I agree or not with what you are saying or like it, I respect your right to say it.

This was all triggered by a conversation I was involved in at lunch on Monday, all is good, we all shall go on to lunch together again.

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