Saturday, May 30, 2015

The 100 Comedians List - First Look

Before I ramble on a bit about the people, I think in general this is a shitty list and in my opinion, does not say much for the breadth of understanding that Comedy Central has for comedy. Many of these names are those of funny people, people who make me laugh and that are very talented...but not "stand up" comics...there is a big difference. Ill talk a bit about #'s 91 through 100 in this post:

100. Gallagher - I can't say he's never made me laugh but I don't particularly thik he's a great comic. His material is not very thought provoking, which is okay in and of itself but he's not thought provoking. His position on this list does not alarm me.

99. Janeane Garofalo - Been a long time since I heard her do stand up but I know that was her roots. I don't think she's all that funny as a stand up, she's got some material that is okay but I find her rant too much and try to use the stage as more of a socio-political forum with a bit of "comedy" sprinkled in, and that to me is not entertaining. There are times I've seen her do more straight forward comedy and have laughed but overall, not great to me as a stand up/

98. Louis CK  - I have to assume the only reason Louis is so far down on this list is because it is an old list. Louis is one of the funniest guys out there to me and he;s also quite prolific.

97. Sandra Bernhard - A funny and interesting woman, though for me, not a great stand up comic. She's made me laugh, she's unique and talented in many ways buy as a straight off stand up, not one of the best in my opinion.

96. Joey Bishop - I remember seeing him on the Johnny Carson show when I was a kid and remember him making Johnny Carson laugh, and me. Does he belong in the top 100 of all time? Maybe, I can't say for sure with what I recall of him.

95. Andrew 'Dice' Clay - I think the persona was compelling in it's time, but the material is just more raunch and shock than well thought out comedy so it really doesn't have legs. that said, back in the day, I laughed.

94. David Alan Grier  - For me, not funny!

93. George Wallace - not horrible, but not great, very vanilla.

92. Louie Anderson - Oddly enough, I always thought of him as a gimmick comic, with his particular gimmick being his weight. He's funny, but for the most part a bit to vanilla for me.

91. Jim Breuer - Breuer has grown on me as a stand up, the last few times I've seen him have been pretty killer.

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