Saturday, May 30, 2015

The 100 Comedians List - Second Look

90. Dana Carvey - I don't think "stand up" is really where he came from but rather developed a stand up act from the characters and material he did in sketch work. That said, Carvey is funny, he has a knack for a voice, an facial expression, coupled with a scenario that really works.

89. Kevin James - I saw Kevin James do stand up very early in his career (about 1990-1991) at a very small club called Jimmy's Comedy Alley in Bayside, Queens. I remember laughing so hard that night! Years later, after his fame on television, I saw a stand up show and I laughed a lot for the same reasons, his machinations/histrionics are killer and his material is pretty relatable.

88. Paula Poundstone - It's been many years since I've seen/heard her work on stage; I do hear her often as a panelist on Wait, Wait Don't Tell me and her comic mind is as sharp as I recall. Poundstone is a funny lady.

87. Brett Butler - Butler had a run a while back gaining fame on a sitcom, which catapulted her stand up career. I've seen a few of her specials and always laughed. I sense that she played up the southern stereotype which made her sharp wit and intellect even sharper. I miss her.

86. Jay Mohr - I've seen Jay be funny and I've seen him not funny. I don't know if it's that early on I was watching a not yet fully developed act or if I just grew into the act - he's a good impressionist!

85. David Cross - Cross is one of those guys that just does his own thing. David Cross is inherently funny but I've seen bad sets, but when he is on, it's pretty mesmerizing.

84. Drew Carey - Been a while since he did stand up regularly and one thing I recall hat got me as much as the material, if not more, was his presence and delivery. I could never figure out if he was intentionally laughing at his material as part of the act or what - it was sometimes funny and sometimes disturbing...but I do recall laughing as well, so there's that.

83. Norm MacDonald - Norm is one of those guys I feel like you are either going to like or not like and not have any middle ground with. For me, I love him, his delivery, facial expressions, voice and seemingly not give a crap attitude all contribute to the overall experience and I can't help but laugh hard.

82. Howie Mandel - I can't speak to how Mandel may (or may not) have developed his material/act as her still performs but early in his career, I laughed a lot at the characters, voices and his general affect - and in hindsight, I wonder if that was funnier than the  material itself...I am not sure.

81. Dick Gregory - Boring!

80. Bobby Slayton - I saw him live about a year ago, and have enjoyed him for years. "The Pitbull" of comedy - does a lot of call backs and touches on material that could be considered risque but it's a powerful style and delivery that tie it all together.

79. Dom Irrera - I saw him in the early 90's and laughed really hard, I don't think his act has varied all that much over the years but it's probably unfair of me to say that without knowing for sure. I know he's made me laugh a lot and given the chance, I would see him again.

78. Sinbad - I can't say that I've never laughed at his stand up but I also can't say I'd have any interest in ever hearing it or seeing him perform again.

77. Paul Reiser - I'm sort of mixed about his stand up, what I recall of it, it was a bit schticky. Most of his work was from years ago, I believe he stopped for a long time before recently going back.

76. Robert Schimmel - Kills me that he is dead, to think that there'll never be new Robert Schimmel material. His material is very adult, but very very funny, gut busting funny and just typing his name made me laugh.

75. Eddie Izzard - Interesting, though provoking and sometimes shocking (he's done entire specials dressed in women's clothing). I can easily write that I don't think all of his material is funny but if I am being fair, it may just be that I don't get it all. Izzard is always compelling for sure and very smart.

74. Paul Rodriguez - At the time he was most popular, he was funny. I don't know that if I heard that material today if it would still make me laugh the same way and I think the times have changed enough that that act would no longer work; I have no idea what he is doing these days.

73. Billy Connolly - not for everyone...thick Scottish accent and a long form story telly more than just someone who tells jokes. Connolly has made me laugh but I've also seen sets that didn't work.

72. Bernie Mac - Always made me laugh.

71. Red Buttons - What I do recall of him, and that is not a lot, was his participation in the Dean Martin roasts, in fact, I am YouTube watching a few right now....funny!

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