Friday, May 22, 2015

This Brings Back Memories...

...but also, kind of makes a statement; don't ya think?

We had that model of rotary wall phone, ours was the yellow (if you were around back then, you know what I mean by "the yellow"). Also, ours had a volume control on the handset, because my mom was hearing impaired.

I still had my cassette Walkman up until a year or two ago.

The encyclopedias (we had Encyclopedia Americana) lived on shelves above my sisters bed.

I had an Atari 2600, loved it! A year ago I bought one of those "retro" units with a bunch of the games built in, in all their pixelated glory.

Oh, the passing of notes.

Where I lived in Brooklyn, NY, we didn't get cable TV until the middle to late part of the 80's. In fact, I was on an MTV special in 1985 and had to have my cousins in New Jersey tape it for me - I still have the VHS tape, watched it a few months ago.

I used to LOVE the road atlas books, and the giant maps that were a challenge to refold. My dad would let me map out an navigate road trips - that was fun!

I've always loved the library - still do!

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