Saturday, June 06, 2015

A Memory of Home

This photo was posted earlier today on a FB site that I follow about my hometown. The two stores pictures were on Avenue U between East 26th street and East 27th street.

Capri Bakery was owned by two guys named Tony and Ambrose. My father knew those guys from Italy! When I was a kid, my dad and I would walk up to Avenue U and visit Capri bakery. As I type this, I am salivating because I can see and smell all the joyful products that were such a bug part of my life.

Dad and I would go in the back while Tony, Ambrose, or both, were working hard either baking break or crafting something delicious. I recall one of them, I can't ecall which, teaching me how to properly knead dough and form a loaf of bread.

In my house, there was a very important rule, by the time my dad got home, there must be a loaf or bread in the house - Capri was almost exclusively where that bread came from.

The pork store came later but was a main stay in the neighborhood. On the south east corner of East 27th street and Avenue U was a store called Sneaker Circus. At one point, my friend Joe owned that store and I worked there on weekends sometimes, along with Joe's sister Allison, my friend Mike and of course, there was a cast of regulars. Many times, G&S Pork Store was where our lunch came from,

What great memories this photo brought to me today!

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