Monday, June 29, 2015

Amazing Saturday Part 2 - On Tribal Land & The Food

After the Huey Lewis show, thanking the good Lord for holding the rain back, along with my friend Cindy, we made it to the car unrained upon and headed south to Mohegan Sun to see Cassadee Pope in concert. What made that more special, our good buddy Steve plays guitar for Cassadee Pope and it's always fun to cheer on a friend, plus to get some visit time with him while he is touring.
I've met Cassadee Pope on three occasions now, she's very sweet and down to earth and it's very obvious to me that she is working very hard. She is earning all of her success and I wish her continued success. My buddy Steve is not only a pro and a great player, he is a great friend and always takes the time to really be present with any of us who have the chance to visit with him when he is on tour. I am so proud of all of the success he has had and so happy he gets to do something he loves.

Also at the show was Steve's dad and sister, it was lots of fun to spend time with them as well. We had a little face time with Cassadee. Here, I am holding a copy of the setlist, which she later autographed to my niece.

We took a tour of the backstage area at The Wolf Den in Mohegan Sun. I had been there before but it was fun to go back, the walls are adorned with scribblings and signatures of artists who have played there before. What was amazing is that just before going downstairs, Steve and his sister told a story about The Smithereens and momensts after getting downstairs, there is was, I spotted The Smithereens on the wall!

Later, along with members of the band and their guests and some of the crew, we went to Frank Pepe's pizzeria.

KILLER PIZZA!!! Absolutely amazing food and great fun hanging out with everyone.

After pizza, another old friend and his wife were upstairs at a club. Ken used to play with Steve in a local Boston band; we went up to spend some time with them - good catching up!

Around 1 am, I thought it was best to make the 75-90 minute trek home, it was super dark and very rainy, so the drive took longer but by 2:30am, I was in my house and took a few moments to just reflect on the long but wonderful day. I also stood awake to ensure my friend Cindy made it home, aside from it being late she had some car issues earlier in the day.

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