Sunday, June 07, 2015

Courage and Heroism

I see a lot of posts from folks on Facebook that seem to be offended that Caitlyn Jenner is being referred to as a hero and courageous.

Courage and heroism comes in many ways, nobody is implying that soldiers who willingly put their lives in danger to protect and serve our country are not courageous or heroes.

Have you ever heard of someone who battled cancer referred to as courageous?

Are you certain of what both of those words mean?

If you are genuinely offended at Caitlyn Jenner being called a hero, or courageous (BTW, I think she is both) then may I suggest (not a comprehensive list):

  1. You might be more close minded than you think or are willing to admit,
  2. You really don't understand the meaning of those words.
  3. You have no comprehension of humankind.
  4. Your just plain mean.
  5. You are simply naive and or uneducated about gender issues.
  6. You are allowing your perception of people based on what you've seen exploited on television rather than trying to see or understand the actual person.
There is good news, you can fix most of these. I'm going to steal a line from my friend Antionette, 
You are human...please practice humanity!

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