Saturday, June 20, 2015

Food Day

Week two of the Ashland Farmer's Market, I had to be there, especially after missing the opening last week. I made a quick loop around the vendors before stopping at "The Carve", my favorite food stop. I had the killer breakfast sandwich along with an order of savory corn beignets (served with a pineapple salsa); a great start to the day!

I would have stuck around and had lunch at the carve as well, they were serving delicious smoked ribs and tacos, but, I had planned for weeks to attend a food truck festival in Worcester. I took off on my way making an ATM stop along the way and arrived at Elm Park about 20 minutes before general admission entry.

As noon struck, we were allowed through the gates and as most drifted right to the row of food trucks, I made a quick stop at the radio station tent and noticed they were giving away tickets to see Barenaked Ladies in a drawing, so I filled out a ticket and took the stroll to see what the food trucks had to offer.

At first Iw as a bit bummed that I had to pay a $5 entry fee to go into a public park simply for the privilege of purchasing food from any one of about a dozen or so food trucks. I knew I had to let that go quick, so I did, and enjoyed the people watching, in addition to some of the creativity of the food truck owners.

My favorite of all the food trucks, in terms of pure creativity, was "The Dogfather". Not only did they use the font and overall motif of the movie The Godfather, but the names of all of the items on the menu also followed that motif.

I rewarded my appreciation of their creativity by making them my first food purchase, the #5, called "The Corleone", a hot dog with their secret sauce and potato sticks (yep, those potato sticks).

There was a seafood truck with a raw bar, and I was very tempted (can't get me enough of that stuff), but I thought that it might be a bit risky getting that stuff at a food truck so I opted to pass. I eventually settled on getting a Lamb Kebab as my second (and what ended up being my final) food item (this was about 30-45 minutes after the hot dog). The kebab had a nice flavor but the lamb was overcooked and not as appealing as it should have been.

I really enjoyed some of the dogs, there was a 160 pound St. Bernard in attendance that pretty much got more attention than anyone or anything else there.

After making another loop about the park and chatting with passersby, I stopped over at the radio station tent to ask when they would be drawing for the tickets and if being present was required. The kids said, "about 1:30, then each hour after (they had 5 pairs to give away), but you had to be there if your name was called or forfeit the win. I knew I wan't sticking around for much longer but with only about 20 minutes for the first drawing, I felt I had to stick around.

The time comes, the drawing begins, they reach in for the first name and call it out, it's not me, but the winner was nowhere to be found and they were going to pick again. The girl picking stuck her hand in the box and reached deep down, pulls out a ticket and hands it to the guy. Mic goes to mouth and he reads the's ME!!! I jump and do a fist pump while yelling "YES!" I went over and gave the girl who picked it a great big hug and got my tickets.

At this point, it could not have gotten any better, so I made my way to my car and headed for home.

Of course I called my daughter to let her know that in fact we had one more stop on our #summerofconcerts tour.

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