Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer of Concerts Rolls on: Kid Rock with Special Guest, Foreigner (Part 2)

My name is Kiiiiiiid....

What most folks think of as Kid Rock's first album, the one that broke him through to the mainstream, was actually his fourth album, "Devil Without a Cause".

A quarter century into his career, Kid Rock is touring in support of his 10th studio release and for the second summer in a row, using corporate sponsorship to subsidize the normally expensive tickets costs. Most tickets for these shows are $20 and there are a number of concession specials as well.

Way more important than all of that, Kid Rock proved to me that he is as good a live performer as anyone I have ever seen. Kid Rock's music and performance style are fearless, boundless and electric.

This show proved that a concert isn't always about a band trying to recreate a recording, but reinventing and reinterpreting the music and creating a performance that is more than just a collection of songs.

Here is the setlist as reported on

Intro: Don't Stop Believing
First Kiss
Good Times, Cheap Wine
You Never Met A Mutherfucker
American Bad Ass
Devil Without a Cause
Wasting Time
God Bless Saturday
Fist of Rage
Blue Jeans and a Rosary
So Hott
Jesus and Bocephus
Somebody's Gotta Feel This
Midnight Train to Memphis
All Summer Long
Johnny Cash
3 Sheets to the Wind
DJ Bobby Shazam
Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent cover)
Rock N Roll Jesus
Only God Knows Why
Born Free

Encore: Bawitdaba

I am particularly jazzed about hearing "Only God Knows Why" live, it was a great reinterpretation of a really great song. While we were waiting for the encore, I kept telling my daughter, "I really wanna hear Bawitdaba, is is possible he'll do it for an encore?" BOOM! He did...

In anticipation of this show, I knew it would be good, I had no idea just how good. Between the first band, Foreigner and Kid Rock, this was a show for the ages, one of the best shows I have ever seen.

Kid Rock is one BADASS performer!

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