Monday, June 08, 2015

The 100 Comedians List - Fifth Look

Unless I am particularly moved - I will be sticking with very short comments:

30. Gary Shandling - Funny!

29. Milton Berle - Overrated.

28. Jack Benny - I remember enjoying him, not really sure how I feel about him on this list.

27. Jay Leno - As a stand up, fantastic!

26. Ray Romano - Yes

25.Bob Hope - Not really all that funny.

24. Redd Foxx - Hysterical.

23. Steven Wright - One of my favorites.

22. Robert Klein - Funny.

21. Dennis Miller - Was funny at one time, not so sure anymore.

20. Sam Kinison - Funny in his time, not sure that he would have had staying power (but curious)

19. Bill Hicks - One of the most overrated (next to Lenny Bruce), can't for teh life of me figure out what's funny about him.

18. Jonathan Winters - Entertaining for certain, not a stand up.

17. Don Rickles - Hysterical!

16. Ellen DeGeneres - I saw her in NYC years ago, amazing stand up.

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