Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The 100 Comedians List - Fourth Look

50. Denis Leary - While it's been a couple of years since I've seen Leary do stand up, I've always thought his act was funny.

49. Freddie Prinze - What very little I've seen of his stage act, almost exclusively from video archives and YouTube, I did not think his stand up was all that good.

48. Tim Allen - Another performer more known from his work on sitcoms, though the one he is most famous for was developed using his stand up act and the framework. I always thought Tim Allen was funny, and interesting.

47. Henny Youngman - I wonder how his act would hold up today? I know I recall watching him on TV as a kid and laughing hard and I was able to watch it with my dad, that says something.

46.Adam Sandler - Here's the thing, I think Sandler is funny, I like his comic sensibility, I even like his comedy records and would likely laugh at him if he were "standing up" and doing funny business...all that said, he is not a stand up comic.

45. Richard Lewis - He's always been so manic, and that makes me laugh. I recently heard him in an interview where he was somewhat less manic...I'd be interested in hearing him perform.

44. Joan Rivers - Right up until her death at 81 Rivers worked, and worked hard. The woman was a rule breaker and set the standard for woman in stand up. I can't say that I've loved all of her work but I admired her work ethic and that lady made me laugh.

43. Dave Chappelle - Never for the life of me understood what the fuss over him was all about...not funny at all.

42. Flip Wilson - I was young when he was in the spot light but Flip Wilson doesn't belong in this list, he's not a stand up comic....but his show used to make me laugh as a kid.

41. Jon Stewart - Got his start as a stand up, I never really knew his material back then but I am very familiar with his recent work and while I think he is a funny guy, they jury would still be out for me to rank him as a stand up.

40. Mort Sahl - he Mort Sahl I knew growing up was almost exclusively a political satirist and has never really been my cup of tea in a comic.

39. Billy Crystal - I generally consider Billy Crystal funny, though sometimes he isn't.

38. Bill Maher - Not my favorite as a comic, as a social and political commentator, I find him compelling.

37. Martin Lawrence - He is another one of those comics that got really huge for a time and I could never figure out why...not that funny.

36. Jim Carey - Was a stand up for a while earlier in his career and was very funny - but I don't think he's done stand up for 20 years or more.

35. Phyllis Diller - Funny, though I can't say it was her material that killed as much as her performance.

34. Buddy Hackett - An old timer, makes me laugh...a lot of what I find funny about him is his voice and overall affect. Hackett is a good story teller.

33. Andy Kaufman - Always compelling, whether he was funny or not, there is just something captivating about what he did.

32. Albert Brooks - For me, not all that funny.

31. George Burns - I enjoyed him very much as a kid.

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