Thursday, June 11, 2015

The 100 Comedians List - Sixth Look

Here the last of the list, the top 15. Soon, I will post my reordering of this list.

15. David Letterman - Hasn't been a stand up comedian on about 35 years. Funny guy, but really doesn't belong on this list.

14. Bob Newhart - Not a fan of his stand up, it doesn't completely suck, but it's very long winded and not always captivating (or funny). It just sometimes takes way to long to get to the laugh, more time than it's often worth.

13. Robin Williams - Early stand up was brilliant, later was okay. Brilliant mind, thinks faster than he can talk...way better live in a club setting than on TV.

12. Jerry Seinfeld - First stand up comic I ever saw perform live, Love him!

11. Johnny Carson - Not a stand up comic and never was. Marginally funny and over rated. that said, I loved watching his show when I was allowed to.

10. Eddie Murphy - Delirious and Raw are as good as any 2 hour sets ever performed. In fact, they are so good, they are enough to keep Murphy on this list as a stand up when he really hasn't done all that much since RAW which came out in 1987.

9. Roseanne Barr - Eh.

8. Bill Cosby - While I think he's terribly overrated as a comedian, I have laughed hard a a lot of his older material.

7. Rodney Dangerfield - Knew how to do his character and his material. Much more of a brilliant performer than comic but oh, so funny.

6. Steve Martin - Some of his earlier bits were gut busting funny, I had many of his comedy albums, listened to them over and over and laughed harder each time.

5. Chris Rock - One of the funniest.

4. Woody Allen - Only have minimal knowledge of his stand up (despite owning his three books that made up most of his material). I always loved his affect.

3. Lenny Bruce - Never got why people thought he was funny...not sure I ever heard anything he did that made me laugh.

2. George Carlin - Spoiler alert, in my opinion, the best that ever far.

1. Richard Pryor - Extremely over rated...just okay.

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