Monday, June 01, 2015

The 100 Comedians List - Third Look

70. Wanda Sykes - I resisted Wanda Sykes early on, no idea why. Fact is, she's funny.

69. Pat Cooper - Very old school, but super funny. the guy's who attitude is out there, his style is all his own and he just makes me laugh.

68. Dave Attell - One of the hardest working guys in the business today, great stand up.

67. Kevin Pollak - A smart and funny guy whose stand up I don't remember at all. He was out of the stand up game for a long time, I think he may be back if not regularly, on occasion. As I recall, a master impresisonist!

66. Shelley Berman - A very old timer, More of a long form comic than a straight ahead joke teller....some material a bit to dry but some are still really funny all these years later.

65. Cedric the Entertainer - Indifferent about him.

64. Richard Belzer - Belzer has been around a very long time and while he has made me laugh, I don't think he's all that great. He has some good material but I don't think it's consistently strong.

63. Jackie Mason - Always like him as a comic.

62. Eddie Griffin -  Not particularly funny.

61. Bobcat Goldthwait - A very different act than that of his early career, and funny for different reasons.

60. Jeff Foxworthy - Best know for the "you might be a redneck" gimmick, the rest of Foxworthy's material is often way funnier than that bit - a very strong stand up comedian.

59. Gilbert Gottfried - There is no in between, you are going to like him or not. Gottfried is a guy who for me is almost as fun to watch when his is bombing as when he is killing.

58. Larry Miller - Love this guy as a comic and also, I highly recommend his podcast.

57. Richard Jeni - The late Richard Jeni was funny, at least a good deal of the time.

56. Colin Quinn - Funny guy!

55. Alan King - Another old timer, was funny sometimes, other times, not so much.

54. DL Hughley - Not a fan.

53. David Brenner - Loved him.

52. Damon Wayans - None of the Wayans brothers ever did it for me.

51. Lewis Black  - Hysterical!!!

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