Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Top 100 Comedians List - My Take

After going through that list of comedians from Comedy Central, I factored in a number of things to create my own top 100 list. First, was the fact that the list I brought here was one they published a decade or so a go. A lot had changed in the last decade, some newer comics that weren't around yet have made a pretty big impact and some others that were on the list have elevated themselves to new heights.

There were a few folks on that list that as you know, I just didn't thing belonged on a list of stand-up comedians. I removed a number of others regardless of placement simply in terms of relevance in the moment and overall impact in comparison to those whom I have replaced them with; others, simply got bumped off the list as they would not fit in for me with the top 100.

In the end, I went back and forth on the ordering, and questioning whether or not I may have missed someone else. The fact is, I am certain I missed someone worthy of this list. I am certain that arguments can be made, even from me, about some of the ordering but I do think it's close enough to represent how I feel in this moment those 100 comics should be ordered.

If I dig hard enough, there are others who I could easily replace. I am not and have never really been a Bill Hicks fan - I know if I thought a bit harder, I could find someone to replace him on this list for me. That said, I do think Hicks had an edge about hit that warrants his place, despite how low on that list I placed him and how I know at least one of you will think I am insane for having him that far down and beneath some of the other names. My answer, this is my list.

There are some names here who haven't performed stand up in a very long time, so long that some might not even consider them worthy of being here. However, they are here because the work they did had enough of an impact on me and made me laugh (even to this day) that they deserve to be on my list.

I had no idea how hard ordering and arranging this list would be. If I was the type who refused to publish something until I really felt it was done or perfect, I would never end up publishing the list but since I am not, here it is. Have at it, comment, debate, discuss, enjoy, but most of all...LAUGH!

  1. George Carlin
  2. Robert Schimmel
  3. Jerry Seinfeld
  4. Rodney Dangerfield
  5. Eddie Murphy
  6. Woody Allen
  7. Steven Wright
  8. Marc Maron
  9. Louis CK
  10. Dave Attell
  11. Nick Dipaolo
  12. Jim Gaffigan
  13. Jim Jeffries
  14. Steve Martin
  15. Jackie Mason
  16. Chris Rock
  17. Don Rickles
  18. Pat Cooper
  19. Ellen DeGeneres
  20. David Brenner
  21. Sam Kinison
  22. Gilbert Gottfried
  23. Denis Leary
  24. Bobby Slayton
  25. Dom Irrera
  26. Colin Quinn
  27. Robin Williams
  28. Larry Miller
  29. Ron White
  30. Lewis Black
  31. Andy Kaufman
  32. Kevin Meaney
  33. Kevin James
  34. Jeff Foxworthy
  35. Mitch Hedberg
  36. Joan Rivers
  37. Redd Foxx
  38. Jay Leno
  39. Garry Shandling
  40. Ray Romano
  41. Norm MacDonald
  42. Jim Breuer
  43. Amy Schumer
  44. Christopher Titus
  45. Brian Regan
  46. Sebastian Maniscalco
  47. Dennis Wolfberg
  48. Artie Lange
  49. Andrew 'Dice' Clay
  50. Jim Florentine
  51. Greg Fitzsimmons
  52. Doug Stanhope
  53. Nick Swardson
  54. Maria Bamford
  55. Jim Carrey
  56. Dennis Miller
  57. Robert Klein
  58. Anthony Jeselnik
  59. Billy Crystal
  60. Howie Mandel
  61. Richard Lewis
  62. Tim Allen
  63. Richard Jeni
  64. Paula Poundstone
  65. Wanda Sykes
  66. Brett Butler
  67. Dana Carvey
  68. Paul Reiser
  69. Drew Carey
  70. Kevin Pollak
  71. Shelley Berman
  72. Bill Cosby
  73. Richard Pryor
  74. Bernie Mac
  75. Bobcat Goldthwait
  76. Billy Connolly
  77. Eddie Izzard
  78. Jay Mohr
  79. Bobby Collins
  80. Roseanne Barr
  81. Jon Stewart
  82. Bill Maher
  83. Cedric the Entertainer
  84. Alan King
  85. Louie Anderson
  86. David Cross
  87. Phyllis Diller
  88. Richard Belzer
  89. Bob Hope
  90. Bob Newhart
  91. Albert Brooks
  92. George Wallace
  93. Paul Rodriguez
  94. Sinbad
  95. DL Hughley
  96. Sandra Bernhard
  97. Eddie Griffin
  98. Martin Lawrence
  99. Janeane Garofalo
  100. Bill Hicks
UPDATE: Less than 30 minutes after hitting PUBLISH on this post I get an email with an early bird code for tickets to Iliza Shlesinger and right off the bat, there's one that belongs on this list.

UPDATE 2: A couple of hours later, I remember another name that really belongs here on this list, Alonzo Bodden

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