Wednesday, June 10, 2015

TMI - The Colonoscopy

I am not going to get overly graphic but if talking about a colonoscopy freaks you might want to not read this post.

I went for my first colonoscopy today, it's a right of passage when you hit 50, and am all for proactive health care/preventive medicine.

I wrote a few weeks ago about how expensive the prep medicine was and how everyone else I spoke to just uses Miralax and Gatorade. Considering some of the war stories I've heard about how awful prep day can be, I have to say that my experience wasn't all that bad. The two worst parts: not eating solid food (that sucked more than anything) and having to stay home (and pretty close to the throne).

A year ago or so, when I had an upper endoscopy, I believe I talked about how great Propofol is (the anesthesia made famous my Michael Jackson's addiction to it and death as a result of it). I am not sure it is possible to get a deeper more restful sleep, it's kind of easy to see how he got hooked. That said, it is made for a very specific purpose and it does its job very well.

Much like the upper endoscopy, I had no idea the colonoscopy even happened. The doctor did find one small (3mm) polyp, he seems pretty sure it will not be a big deal, but of course, it's off to the lab for testing (that is the whole idea of this test in the first place).

When I arrived, the woman who checked me in made a point of saying the following about my doctor, "he's running a little behind." She did not intentionally make the joke, nor did she realize it until I began to belly laugh and point out her pun.

In recovery, when I woke up, the nurse came over and her second question to me (after "how are you feeling") was, "have you passed any gas?" I started laughing again. It's really important to them that you pass enough gas because during the procedure they fill you with air and they really want to to expel it ('we'd like it back" claimed another nurse).

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