Thursday, July 09, 2015


Last summer I taught both 6 week sessions of summer courses, both are 6 week intensive sessions - one starts in late May, just after the spring semester ends and the other starts after July 4th holiday.

Last year, I found most students in the first summer session reasonably motivated and ready to work while the group that started after the 4th were lost in space and very hard to jump start,

It's not hard to see the "logic" simply based on the timing but these are adults who paid to take a class, it seems that should be enough motivation to get into it.

This year, I am only teaching the second summer session, which started this past Monday and again, the starting point has been very slow and again, I wonder what is going through their heads.

There is not any time for give in a 6 week course and the work load is going to be heavy throughout as we are completing the same amount of work as we would in a full 15 week semester.

It's getting harder for me to find positive motivations to feed to them....many seem to need a good old fashioned you know what from granny or from mamma :)

The adventure continues...

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