Friday, July 10, 2015

Def Leppard with Styx & Tesla - Part 1

I was afraid I might not be able to go to this show because if the pneumonia, and that made me sad because it was one that my daughter was looking forward to the most. Fortunately I got treatment when I did and despite not being fully recovered yet, the meds are in me, doing their thing, and I feel way better than I I took her (plus, I couldn't just throw the money away that I spent on the tickets).

The first miracle was the moment we stepped through the door and had our tickets scanned. The funny thing is that I'd been a little nervous at some of the shows because I bought a number of tickets through people on Craigslsit, which always carry at least a little risk at being fake, These tickets I bought through Ticketmaster, which is what made the ticket scanner's words initially concern, then elate me when she said, "please step over to the customer service booth."

We got upgraded big time! See the seating chart below? Original tickets I bought were in sec 11 row J (about where the letter A is marked). They gave us sec 5 row D (where the Z is); my daughter was ecstatic and that made me ecstatic.

The band Tesla opened the show with a 35 or so minute set. I remember when Tesla first hit and I know I saw them at least once, maybe twice, but I can't recall with whom.

Here was there set, you'll recognize at least one or two of them:

  • Edison's Medicine (Man Out of Time)
  • Gettin' Better
  • Hang Tough
  • Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)
  • Signs (Five Man Electrical Band cover)
  • Love Song
  • Little Suzi (Ph.D. cover)
  • Modern Day Cowboy

Tesla's set was solid, very rock and roll, Jeff Keith might have forgot that his crowd isn't teen/20-something anymore but in general, they did a nice tight, well rounded, hard driving set that was great to see.

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