Sunday, July 05, 2015

I am So Not Okay Right Now

It's very hard for me right now, because I know how much I have to be grateful for, and I truly am grateful that I have health insurance and was able to get my ass into this miracle thing called urgent care to get a diagnosis and treatment plan when I did.

That said, pneumonia hasn't been fun so far and the meds haven't yet really kicked in...this coughing is so over the top painful and exhausting that my mind is beginning to play tricks on me and I'm almost frightened.

I haven't slept more than an hour or two in a row in days, end even then, an hour or two is quite rare. As I type this at 2:30am, I am two doses in to the cough syrup with codeine and am only now feeling a little groggy, but I can't find a position an the bed or recliner that won't trigger a violent fit of coughing.

I am counting on hope right now, hoping that in the next 24-36 hours the antibiotics and steroids will do their thing.

I don't ask this often, but I am asking right now...if you have a prayer or a good thought you can send my way, it would be greatly appreciated.

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