Friday, July 17, 2015

In My Ears 2015 Vol. 10

Since last I posted an "In My Ears" post, I had a road trip with my kid that was over 7 hours each way - so we did some listening. This list includes the road trip records we listened to plus other stuff I've listened to since my last post.
I love the title alone, add the incredible vocals of Annie Lennox and a selection of classic standards you have magic for the eardrums. A beautiful record.
Bat Out of Hell is one of three vinyl records that in the late 1970's I wore down to the point where it needed to be replaced (Boston's first record and Silk Degrees by Boz Scaggs are the other two).

It was fun to hear these songs all in a row with my kid and to talk a bit about Jim Steinman, Todd Rundgren who produced the record and the world class musicians who played on this record.
Another one of the road trip records, took me back to a day 38 years prior, summer of 1977, sitting on Larry Cerbone's stoop and hearing him speak of the new Billy Joel album.
This album is special because when the single "Radio Nowhere" was released, it got into my daughter's ear. At the time, she was 9 years old and when it came time for Springsteen to tour, I had tickets and my friend was unable to make it to the show and it was last minute, so I took my 9 year old to see the greatest live performer in rock and roll.
My daughter and I had just seen Def Leppard live the night before we set out on the road, she appreciated hearing this record during our trip.I have to say, their music holds up so well.
"We're seeing the Stones dad, let's pick one of their albums to listen to." "Okay, my favorite is Exile on Main St., play that one."

"All Down the Line" is my favorite Stones song, they didn't perform it live but it was great to hear with my kid.
Back in the very early 1980's, I was all caught up in the metal/hair band movement and kind of hated on George Strait when he first cane to prominence. It wasn't too long after I realized how great he was - by the way, Strait has had more #1 songs than any artist you can name - 3x more than the Beatles - 60 in all.

George Strait is a classic.
This is Kid Rock's newest record and boy is it fantastic! We saw him life a month or so ago, great performer.

Kid Rock makes solid music, crossing genres and doing each well. This record has some very catchy songs!
I saw Rush a few weeks ago and had realized I had not listened to a Rush album fully through in at least 5 years. I grabbed Hemispheres from the basement to get things started, over the next few weeks I will be going back and listening to more Rush.

In fact, I hadn't heard any of their last few records (until I say them live and heard them play a few of the songs).
Saw them for the first time as openers for Def Leppard; despite only one (maybe two) original members, they were great live.

This collection came out years ago and quite frankly, while the songs are great, the collection sucks - very randomly paced together and even more randomly sequenced.
My daughter wanted to hear "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now", so she played this record. A while back I got a copy of the box set with all of The Smiths records and listened at that time, gotta have a Morrisey/Marr fix ever so often.
My daughter was surprised to see Volbeat on my iPod. "Tori got me into them." I told her. "Really, my friend got me into them too."

She them proceeded to go all Volbeat for four straight records....if you've never heard Volbeat, they are everything I wish Metallica would be sometimes. I love Metallica, so much, but I do get impatient sometimes when they do those 9 minute songs...keep them all in the 5 minute range (give or take a minute).

Great playing, great lyrics, great melodies, hard driving...amazing music from this Danish band.

My girl is a big Weezer fan, always has been. I am pretty sure that my kid selected this one because I made a reference to the food "Pork &  Beans" and that happens to be the title of a song on this album.

Weezer has always delivered consistently good music and this record is no different.
This album frustrates me, I love Whitesnake, love David Coverdale as a vocalist. Back in the early to mid 1970's, David Coverdale was the primary lead singer for Deep Purple, he recorded three albums with them.

There is a lot of stuff in the liner notes to this record about how they were going to get together and record some of the material as a tribute or whatever, but I am not sure how much I believe any of it, except the part where Ritchie Blackmore is a bit cooky!

Anyway, the songs are really great but they did not do a good job recording, mixing or mastering this record and I don't feel like they did any favor to any of the songs. I would much rather have see the investment to this collection of music go into remastering the original albums and perhaps get a bit of new material from Whitesnake,

That said, this record doesn't suck if you can get past all of that.

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