Wednesday, July 29, 2015


There's been so much talk about what has often been referred to as deflate gate. I've heard/read ramblings from people smarter than me about football, people I respect and a host of others, and yet, I have not heard any really rational, reasonable, somewhat unbiased thought about the thing.

I don't know the rules well enough (though it seems that the NFL commissioner is just as clueless, yet makes tens of millions of dollars per year to run the NFL). I do know that if the case was such that Tom Brady/The Patriots really did intentionally deflate balls to gain an advantage in the game, then there should be punishment.However, if punishment is handed down, it must be equitable among ALL guilty parties. every ball in every play is touched my the refs and in some cases, by the opponents. Why is it that nothing was said by any of those parites, except the other team, and only after they lost the game bay a way larger margin than any such situation could have presented.

My personal opinion, which has the potential to carry bias since I am a Brady/Pats fan, is that this is all hogwash and Goodell is just looking to make an example of the best team and the best QB.

Regardless of the truth, which we may all never know, the credibility of Goodell and the NFL seems to be more in danger than that of the future hall-of-fame QB. I think it is all a a mess - let's get back to sports and sportmanship!

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