Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Catch Up and Scramble

Been a little while since I hung with my pals The Road Dawgs, they were on a break, then I was either sick or away...rectified that last night as they had a last minute gig.

I had dinner at the place, and not sure it was responsible since it was a simple grilled chicken caesar sald, but the relux that was happening by the end of the night was epic.

Hadn't eaten food from "The Carve" in a few weeks, fixed that right up this afternoon with a beautiful and delicious Pasta Primavera and a side of Corn Beignets.

Been grading assignments all day to stay on top of tomorrow's noon deadline and the fact that I have another stop on the @summerofconcerts tour with my daughter tomorrow (Fenway Park - The Foo Fighters).

Blackboard World 2015 will be taking place next week in Washington, D.C. - I will be a part of the event. I am also hoping to connect with my old friend Tommy and my friends Sarah and Tyler.

Missing my reunion gang a lot...DeCoursey's, Mineo's, Buonanno's, Careaga's etc.

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