Thursday, July 09, 2015

The Contractor Thing

It's getting very close, I have identified a short list of contractors to call for quotes on the bathroom remodel project that will be happening soon here in my home. I hate contractors, I hate the whole process of having work done and beside the expense, just the whole pain in the ass of it all (and potential for short and long term nightmares).

Readers of this blog know about the pain I went through a little over a year ago as I was having the kitchen done, those woulds are in the past, put they still sting a little.

I've harvested contractor names via soliciting my town bulletin board on Facebook asking those who have had work done and are happy with the overall experience, it seems to be at least a decent start. I will be vetting them all further before hiring anyone, extensively searching the validity and integrity of their license, insurance and references.

See, I already have a headache and haven't even made the first call yet.

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