Thursday, July 30, 2015

Two Times The Tales in Bullets

  • I am hoping that by days end I can recap the concerts we went to On Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • I have a photo to share with you that I call, "First Date, Last Date" It's from the Bryan Adams concert.
  • I fee really sore today...
  • ...I will reveal the reason I am sore.
  • This post is turning into a teaser campaign!
  • Does not wanting to hear anything about the Dentist who shot a Lion make me a bad person?
  • Had the most appreciative response to teaching someone how to use embed codes to add videos to their courses on Blackboard.
  • The more this post goes on, the less relevant the title of the post becomes.
  • This bullet for rent.
  • Don't even start on the stupid NRA.
  • Better leave now...almost lunch, got work to be done.
  • See ya later!

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