Friday, August 21, 2015

Email Persistence

This scenario here is the workplace:

For quite some time, months at least, I've been getting email from some guy named Hunter at this company who wants to discuss a particular software solution. I have almost no interest at all in the product or his pitch and even if I did, our budgets couldn't support such a venture - so I simply ignored his emails - partly because of my lack of interest and partly because I couldn't be sure it wasn't a bot sending them and I have not time to waste communicating with bots.

Hunter got my attention with another email that came today (btw, he's not being truthful about the voicemail, he's never left even one, not on my number)::

Hello Christopher,
I have left you a few voicemails and emails regarding OneLogin’s solution for single sign-on and identity management.
Since I have yet to hear from you, I can only assume that one of the following is true:

1. You are flat out not interested and wish that I would just leave you alone
2. You are interested but just not right now
3. You are trapped under a heavy object and are unable to reach the phone

As the subject of my email indicates, I do not want to be a pest, any guidance on my inquiries would be very much appreciated.
Hunter Sapp

 I felt compelled to reply to this one, nothing snarky or sarcasting, just a "Thanks for the laugh...not interested" His email was funny!

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