Saturday, August 22, 2015


On this date in 2004, our friends reunion took place in Brooklyn at the home of the Careaga's. It's creeping up on a year since the last time this group got together, last year was at the home of the DeCoursey's (I was in the midst of a very unfortunate lapse in judgement at the time) which despite my ridiculous place in time/life, was super great to see everyone.

There were two gangs of people that I consider to be formative in my life, the "Alley Gang", which are the group of people I literally grew up with and this gang, which I have often referred to as "the reunion gang".

For a good stretch, the reunion gang got together every year, then even twice per year, without fail - the past few years have been different though; life getting in the way and whatever - I miss the regularity, I hope we can all get together soon.

The good news, the Buonanno's, who have been seen way less than most of the others in the reunion gang are coming to MA to spend a few days here at my place. Along with their daughter, who is going to be living in Boston as she attends graduate school, I am luck to be able to host the three of them for a few days and help them with her move into Beantown.

I am looking forward to spending some focused time with my friends, but I know when I have to say goodbye, we will all be longing for a full scale reunion.

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