Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hufflepuff is Where I am At

This happened:

I've joked about Harry Potter, and ribbed some adult friends about it, but not for any reason other than really loving to rib my friends. I think J.K. Rowling is quite the genius and while I have not read a word of one of the books nor seen a minute of one of the movies, I've heard enough to know that at least in the books, her domain fully, she did a great job.

My daughter is a Potter buff. The other day, the incredibly amazing T posted a picture of her daughter wearing a Happy Potter themed T-shirt - later that day, I picked up my daughter, and she's got a Potter themed pair of sweats going, one that read "Hufflepuff". I sent a pic of my kid to T and then my daughter and T were trying to decide which Hogwarts House I would, I don't know "be a part of"? I don't know the correct terminology.

Today, T sends a link to a quiz I can take to see how they did and that is where the thing at the top of this post comes from. Turns out that both my kid and T know me pretty well - warms my heart oh so much!

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