Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thanking the Military

For a while I have wanted to buy lunch for one of the many members of the armed forces I see, most often at Whole Foods, at lunch time. The timing has just never worked out - but today, I seized a cool opportunity.

I had lunch with my daughter at Dairy Queen, there was a guy there in an Army uniform having lunch and I came up with a good idea that would let me achieve my goal and also set a good example for my kid and a few other kids that were sitting in the booth right next to the soldier.

I went to the register and bought a gift card and then presented it to the guy and said “the next lunch here is on me, thank you for your service”.His reaction made it all worthwhile, he had no idea how to react, was clearly surprised – he shook my hand and said thanks and I went back to my seat so he wouldn’t be uncomfortable. He then came over after he was finished with his ice cream and said thanks again and that I took him by surprise but that it was his honor to serve our country. I saw that the mom of the two young kids seemed to be explaining what happened as well – it felt super good.

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