Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Time I Cut My Own Hair

A few years back, during a period where I was so not into thinking about it, my haircuts were just me going in and asking for a #3 buzz all around. There's nothing at all wrong with a buzz cut by the way!

One day I am at BJ's and see this item, curved clippers - I thought, yeah, I could save the $12 and just buzz myself (yeah, sometimes I am just too ridiculous for my own good).

I plug it it, adjust the blade and go to town, occasionally looking in the mirror; time would prove the mirror would be completely irrelevant.

I go back and forth between adjusting the blades, looking in the mirror and clipping away and at some point I said something like, "done, not bad at all." Of course, I never thought to look at the back of my head.

The next day at work, nobody really said anything except for my friend Linda, who really didn't say all that much - not enough to indicate how insane I looked. In fact, I may never have known until I decided to look at the back of my head (using a far more complex system of mirrors than should be necessary).

I laughed at myself, then realized I only had two options - shave it all or deal with it and let it grow out. I chose to let it grow out so that at least for a week or so, I would have a constant reminder to pick and choose my DIY project with more caution.

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