Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Fall 2015 - The First Day

It's pretty hard to be surprised by any of the first day goings on at the college. I rely on the good stuff, seeing those who clearly came to learn, with a purpose and with focus. J get that not everyone is at that point and part of our mission is to work with those and get them there.

What consistently bothers me though is those that show up just not giving a crap. For example, I had one student who took her placement tests today (this is already a significant step behind, there was a decent size group in that same boat). It would seem that if you took the time to show up knowing you are already going to start out behind, that you would do anything it takes once you finish the placement exam to go ahead and register for classes.

This one girl comes to my desk with her scores on the placement test and asks, "when will these grade be loaded into the system?" I already knew where this was going, so I told her, those get put in manually, could be as early as tomorrow but if you are planning to take classes this semester, go downstairs and get in line to register right now.

She looks at me, gasps a sigh of death and disappointment and replies, "Oh, okay I guess; I was hoping to go home and do it online later."


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