Wednesday, September 09, 2015

In My Ears 2015 Vol. 13

Here's what's been running through my eardrums since the last "In My Ears" post:

Garth Brooks - Blame it All on My Roots Box
-The Ultimate Hits
-Blue Eyed Soul
-Country Classics
-Classic Rock
-Melting Pot

This was a killer box set that had 6 music CD's and 2 DVD's with a book in a nice box for $25, for Christmas 2013. The 4 CD's listed above under "The Ultimate Hits" are all new recordings of cover songs...good stuff!

Rush - Vapor Trails (Remixed)
Rush - Grace Under Pressure
Vapor Trails is one of those Rush records I never heard until now, inspired by having seen them live for the first time - I liked this record a lot.

Grace Under Pressure is one I had been very familiar with but haven't listened to in at least a decade.

Genesis - Wind & Wuthering
Genesis - Seconds Out (Live)
This is me continuing my way through some old Genesis stuff. I hadn't listened to some of this stuff in decades, and some, not ever.

Colbie Caillat - All of You
Opening with the super catchy "Brighter than the Sun", this album never gives up and her voice has a captivating quality, I really like her.

Passion Pit - Kindred
Hard to believe it's been three years since Gossamer was released, this record captures their fantastic sound.

James McMurtry - Complicated Game
I first learned of McMurtry wit the release of 1989's "Too Long in the Wasteland". I loved what I heard back then but somehow, I lost track of McMurtry until I ran into this CD - I missed out on 10 albums in between (I need to catch up). Great record!

Warren Zevon - Excitable Boy
Love this record so much, always have since it was released. Last year I listened to about half of Zevon's catalog, going to listen to the rest this year.

Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I Sit and Think, ans Sometimes I just Sit
Took me a little longer to be on board for this record, but boy am I on the good.

Def Leppard - Euphoria
Def Leppard - Songs from the Sparkle Lounge
Still high of the amazing live performance I saw from Def Leppard this summer, this was my first time through both of these records and I listened to each several times. So impressed with how strong their songs are and have been through the years,

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