Saturday, September 26, 2015

Insurances and Remodels

Just got my renewals for home & car insurance, might be time to get a quote or two outside to see where I am at.

I wish this stuff was easier, hate having to think about any of that stuff and wish I could rely on the fact that my loyalty to a company would matter.

I did a quick quote on Geico's website, homeowner's was about the same but Auto appears to be about $400 less...going to verify this week.
I've given a good faith deposit to a contractor to secure his services for my bathroom remodel. I ordered the last major components on Friday - the bathtub along with the tub and shower thingies.

Of course the tub is a special order, 3-4 weeks away, which may delay the start of the project. Of course I called the contract, who was set to start 2nd or 3rd week in October - I only thought it was fair so that he can take on a job or reschedule so he can take jobs instead of waiting for my stuff to come in.

Feeling a bit stressed - leftover from the kitchen remodel nightmare last year...wish me luck!

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