Friday, September 11, 2015

Meme: Friday 5

5 questions I found on someone else's blog:

1. How long do u usually spend in the shower?
About 10-15 minutes or so.

2. How many bottles (shampoo, conditioner etc.) are lying around your bathtub?
7 - 2 sets of shampoo/conditioner, 2 different 2-in-1's, 1 body soap

3. What is your favorite type of shampoo? conditioner?
Not sure what my favorite is. I do know that Tresemme is my least favorite.

4. Do you always buy your shampoo and conditioner in a set (as opposed to buying different types for each)? 
Must be a set, what are you - crazy or something?

5. Do you prefer stationary shower heads or movable?
I believe every shower should be required to have a hand held in there, there are just parts of the human body too far away from the stream of water otherwise.

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