Monday, September 28, 2015

The Podcasts I am Listening to These Days

It's been a few years I think since mentioned the podcasts I am listening to - so here goes my current listens:

All Songs Considered - still one of my primary sources for new music to listen to, great show.

Fitzdog Radio - Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons either rambles solo or chats with another comedian, actor or some other celbrity - lots of fun.

Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast - Every other episode is an interview with an actor/celebrity. the show was built on interviews with real old timey stars but there are sometimes current stars. Every other episode is called "Gilbert & Frank's Amazing Colossal Obsessions" - here Gilbert and Co-host Frank Santopadre each recommend one of their favorite films.

Larry Miller Show - A standup and actor, just being himself and being cool. This is such a charming and neat podcast, totally infectious weekly fun.

Nick Dipaolo - This dude is a funny fuck, way too right wing for em but entertains me as he always has.

Piper's Pit - With the death of Roddy Piper, I learned he had a podcast and am working my way through the available back episodes,. What I've listened to so far is interesting and entertaining.

Pop Culture Happy Hour - Delivers just what the title implies - a really fun listen!

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me - A really fun news magazine/comedy show disguised as a game show.

Wooooo! Nation with Ric Flair - Another wrestling based podcast, which I find interesting for it's storytelling and behind the scenes banter.

WTF with Marc Maron - The gold standard in podcasts. You get a Marc Maron monologue and an interview (occasionally two)...awesome show.

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