Monday, October 05, 2015

Fed Up with the Cell Phone Assholes!

I was so burned up at lunch today that some time later, I posted this to Facebook: "Time we get serious, how about this as a law - you talk on your cell phone while your car is not in park, you lose your right to drive in the US for life. I know, sounds extreme, right? Look at the death toll and tell me what's more extreme. I saw a jackass driving today with the phone in front of his face. What the hell is it going to take to prove that this kills people? Holy FUCKNUTS!!!!!"

It is mind numbing to me how many people I see locked into their devices while behind the wheel in traffic, I just don't understand the incredible lack of intelligence of these people; how it is they don't realize that they are putting their life and worse, the life of others in serious jeopardy?

I am not exaggerating here, as wild as it sounds, the extreme nature of my suggested fix above may be the only way to start making a difference - heck, we can resolve the traffic issues at the same time.

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