Monday, October 26, 2015

NFL Commissioner Me

Here's just a few of the things I would do were I named NFL commissioner:

  • Offensive pass interference would go away, it's a stupid penalty and makes no sense.
  • Pass interference, needs to be reviewed. For certain, the penalization would change, it's way too drastic.
  • The safety would go away.
  • The on-side kick would disappear - another stupid part of the game.
  • New rule: In the red zone, you can attempt a FG more than once, as long as you have enough downs.You can even attempt a field goal and if you miss, proceed with regular play (again, in the red zone).
  • No player can have hair sticking out of their helmet past the name on their jersey. Players with hair that long will not be allowed to play in the game - hair must either be gut or tucked into something. If hair comes out, they would incur a penalty.

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