Monday, October 26, 2015

Post Concert Frivolity

After the Ringo Starr concert on Friday night, we went back to The Four Seasons hotel lounge to celebrate a friend's birthday. I wouldn't normally end up there, but I don't regret going...especially since we got to hang with some of the musicians from the band.

At first, Jimmy spotted Gregg Rollie, who most famously played with Santana and Journey. I went over to him and chatted very briefly, then asked if he would mind coming over to say happy birthday to my friend who was a fan - he was gracious enough to come over for a few minutes to offer good wishes and take a few photos.

Steve Lukather, most famously form Toto walked by, he was gracious enough to wave but it was obvious he just wanted some down time with his friends, so the wave was enough.

Greg Bissonette, who has played drums on lots of things and with lots of folks, including early David Lee Roth solo projects, was sitting with his friends. I went over and shook his hand, chatted very briefly then asked if he would consider coming over to say happy birthday to Jimmy, who is a drummer himself and a fan; he said, "sure thing, be over in a minute." A minute or so later, he had snuck around so we wouldn't see and he came from the other side of the area and him and his friends sang happy birthday and hung out with us for a chat and pictures. After he let, we ran into him later in the lobby as we were leaving and he spent more time with us...very nice guy.

Great night for sure!

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