Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Special Delivery

I was expecting a delivery of the last of the materials I need for the contractor to get going on the bathroom remodel. I had been prepared for the delivery with strategically placed tip/bribe money in hopes I could get the delivery kids to bring the stuff all the way upstairs (when I requested delivery, the company only offers tailgate delivery).

Doorbell rings this morning and it's an older guy, didn't seem to have any help either. He asked, "you want the stuff in your garage I suppose?" I had to ask, though even my tone had to sound defeated, "You can't bring it in here?" At least hoping to get it in on the first floor. "No sir, tailgate delivery only."

Defeated, I went to open the garage door and began chatting with the delivery guy, who revealed that her was 80 years old. Unbelievable, this guy delivered a bath tub, a vanity, a granite counter with a sink and a few other things - some big and heavy stuff. he did know exactly how to move the stuff properly so it would take minimal effort and he did have a lift gate on his truck and a hand truck but still, made me feel like shit at 7:45 am watching an 80 year old move that stuff and not only not complaining, but clearly happy and awfully nice.

I guess the contractor is going to have to deal with the heavy lifting.

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