Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Big E

Spent yesterday at the Big E...many highlights, the one I can't stop thinking about is a donut filled with soft serve ice cream, then topped with marshmallow and Oreo cookie crumbs (the booth lets you choose ice cream flavor and toppings).

What is The Big E you ask? Well, at its root, it's and agricultural exposition but it has over the years expanded to be, well, for all intents and purposes, a state fair.

Last time I went to The Big E, my daughter was still in the young bratty stage and didn't really capture all of it. At 17, she really got to appreciate it from a very different perspective and she had a great time.

It was great that our friend Rebecca joined us as well - Rebecca moved to Boston only a month ago for school, and she has been working super hard on her studies so it was nice to get her out of the city for the day and super nice to have her with us for the day!

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