Monday, October 26, 2015

The Fallen

I'm sitting at a desk out in the lab today and I hear a student from the writing center yell out for help. I ran over to see one of the part time writing specialists on the floor. I think she's around 70 years of age, she took a fall on vacation less than a year ago that set her back a few weeks but recently she's seemed fine.

She mentioned that she's been nursing a bum knee - she used the arms on her chair to get up to take some pressure off her knee and one of the arms was a bit loose and that's how she lost her balance - or so it was assumed by her and the student.

We took out all of those chairs right after - did what I could to help her, she refused professional medical treatment and insisted she was fine. over the next few hours I checked in on her a few times, as did a few others, including a visit from her husband (they live in the same town).

When I left, all seemed fine. I got a text earlier by another colleague telling me that the woman had fallen a second time. I hope she is okay!

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