Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Good Morning Montreal (Trying to Shake the Blues)

It's early, I've showered, dressed, ate the included hotel breakfast and am now in my room with a cup of coffee finalizing the Itinerary I've put together for the start of the day.

Most of the plans involve food but there's an initial stop at a place that promises (according to a local) "amazing views of downtown Montreal and the mountains over on the south bank." Then a stroll through what I expect to be a pretty, yet hipster-y neighborhood. All the rest involves food - but by the time I get through this itinerary and make it back to base, I will have walked somewhere between 6 and 7 miles; I don't know for sure because Google insists on feeding me kilometers because I am in Canada and I don't do so great with Metric.

As for the blues I was speaking of yesterday, hard to shake them. I can't not think about wishing my kiddo was here with me.

I do have a full day planned for tomorrow, taking a day trip to Quebec city and something or other, includes a boat cruise...love me being on a boat, perhaps that will help shake it.

I got pics, I'll share them later. Until then...

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