Friday, July 14, 2017

Last Couple of Hours in Montreal (Update on Emotions)

I feel that it is important after my last post here to let you all know that as I prepare to travel back home, I did shake the blues enough to truly enjoy the enjoyable. Wednesday I took a day trip up to Quebec City and Montmorency Falls, it's pretty hard to stand that close to such a waterfall and not realize that I was here for a reason, that I had much to be grateful for, and that all that I was kind of blue about worked out pretty okay.

Yesterday I took a tour of the Olympic park here in Montreal, where the 1976 summer games took place and was in the stadium where the Montreal Expos played. I had no idea just how moving that tour would be and it made me realize once again, how perspective is so relevant. From one perspective, I was simply wandering grounds with impressive buildings, from the perspective I had though, I was standing on the same ground where the Olynpics were held, where records were broken, where Nadia Comenici (sp.) and Bruce Jenner made history. Where a younger Greg Lougannis and so many others began their careers on that world stage. I was in a ballpark that housed a team that gave us the late Gary Carter and so many others.

I've left so many sports behind for various reasons, but growing up, sports was a significant part of my life and being in that place was emotional, inspiring and wonderful!

I ate a lot!

I'll catch up soon.

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