Monday, September 18, 2017

Award Shows

After about my millionth rant on how long, drawn out, and boring awards show have become (except for the Country Music Awards - who actually know how to produce an entertainment show), a dear friend of mine gave me fantastic advice that I will pass on to you..."then don't watch them!"

You know what, I haven't watched nor have I complained about an awards show since.

I've seen about a dozen (at least, might be more) rants about last night's Emmy awards show. I didn't see it, but I've heard enough of the after-talk to know it was political and negative toward the Orange guy in the White House.

I've heard that some people are upset with Stephen Colbert. Now I completely support your right to not like Colbert, to not agree with Colbert, but if I am throwing out the benefit of the doubt here, I'd have to say that going into it, you had to know who he is - right?

You all know that Stephen Colbert has been excessively political and critical of the current administration. You have to know that Stephen Colbert was hired by the network knowing who Stephen Colbert is and as such, intentionally chose to make the show a political forum. You had to know that going in - how could you not?

Now despite the fact that I happen to agree with most of Stephen Colbert's sentiments, I chose not to watch because if I were going to watch the Emmy's, I'd want it to revolve only around the awards, and the craft of making television. That said, I made a conscious choice to not watch because it knew what the show was going to be.

So my advice to all of you who don't want politics, news, causes, or anything else mixed in with your awards shows - just don't watch, you all have the freedom to make that choice.

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