Monday, September 25, 2017

NFL Today

I avoided talking about this for as long as I can, so I am going to use my space here to put this out.


I am saying this to every one of you who has claimed that you are done with the NFL, that you will never watch an NFL game...blah, blah, blah.

I'll tell you how I know this is just reaction bullshit, because I have many times been guilty of the same bullshit.

If at any point, your team gets on a hot streak, or makes the post season, you will be right back there.

Look, there is a way bigger problem in this world we live in, and in the U.S.A., if your big cause is banning football because you think they are too un-patriotic, you might want to open your eyes and really look at some of the things that really need attention.

For the record, here's how I feel about the knee thing. If you are part of a team, a team that represents an American sports tradition, one that young kids watch and idolize players, and perhaps aspire to be a part of - then it is your responsibility to do the right thing, set a good example, and show respect for all of the above mentioned.

Yes, you have the right to feel the way that you do, but the NFL platform is not yours to use to convey your feelings, we the fans pay a price, a premium price, and we have an expectation that you will represent yourself as a professional athlete deserving of that price.

I will stop there.

Updated much later in day:
I completely overlooked the idea that all of this NFL bullshit is a diversionary tactic by the powers that be to get your mind off of the ridiculous and extremely dangerous Graham/Cassady rewrite of he health care act/bill. (Thank you Nancy for the reminder)

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